Christina Sandsengen

Classical Guitarist

“The performer”

Posted on December 15, 2015

I was so lucky to be painted by the wonderful artist Alfredo Becerra. It was initially drawn during one of my concerts in Santiago de Chile and was later painted with acryl on canvas 140×100 cm. You can watch the process on video below, and read what Alfredo Becerra is saying about the painting:

“Music is all inspiration. Watching an artist playing live is an unique way to be part of her/his magical, creative and passionate inner world.This work, the painting itself, is only visual and it is intended to catch the spirit of a passionate guitar player and her magnificent perform.
Three “snapshots” of many great moments.
Listening to Christina’s performance compelled me to paint her using forms, textures and my preferred colors.
And the most important to me: applying the colors mainly by intuition.
Mixing my own performance with the marvelous music played by her is completing the creating process.
I enjoyed every part of that process.”